Seven Creative Ideas That Will Boost Your Online Business

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I know you’ve been there: you are staring at a blank Word page, and you’re thinking what you should do to get your online business a little boost. Should you write a new article? Or maybe post an update on your Facebook page? What about Twitter? It looks like other businesses get lots of active social media fans, but this hasn’t worked that well for you so far. If thoughts like these sound familiar, take a look at these fresh business promotion tips – some of them may be a perfect fit for your company.

Twitter isn’t growing as fast as is used to, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to use it. In fact, some recent Twitter research suggests that this social media giant is the perfect spot to connect with your audience, especially if you consider the fact that it has lots of users pretty much anywhere in the world.


So try to incorporate Twitter into your daily routine. Maybe you’ve just printed some new business cards; if this is the case, why not post a picture on Twitter? Or maybe you are running a contest, or a product discount campaign; post those announcements as well. This will make your Twitter account look busy, and it may even draw some extra visitors to your site.

Another social media giant is Pinterest. So whenever you post something on Twitter, make sure to pin that image on Pinterest as well. I know, some of your posts will not consist of images, but fortunately there are online tools like this one, which will help you convert any text snippet into a great looking picture.


Handing out invitations and printed coupons on the street is so 2000, I know, but you can hit the road and use some simple and yet clever marketing techniques to boost your online business. Print some QR codes, for example, and then hand out flyers that include them and special offers.

Contests have the potential of going viral, and photo contests are really easy to set up and run. Just ask your customers to post pictures of them using your products or services, and then upload all those photos to your site. This will get you a lot of visitors, and often times mentions and backlinks from other websites. It is true that you’ve got to convince your clients to take the time and post those photos, but this can be easily done by providing a free or discounted product or service. Don’t see this as a business loss, you are actually paying for those nice people’s time.

Have I mentioned steep discounts? If you’ve decided to apply this method, make sure to post your fantastic offer to the top deal sites as well. People love huge discounts and free stuff! And since the top sites are visited by lots of people, chances are many of them will also visit your website and hopefully become customers. If you go this way, add a unique tag to your contest. This way, you will be able to track the entries and boost its visibility on the top social media channels. And while we are here, make sure that your contest is very easy to promote and share with others.

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