Nine Content Marketing Ideas That Work Every Time

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Setting up a blog, and then posting articles regularly is apparently the key to success. Everyone is doing it, but from my experience the results are mixed. First of all, there are some boring industries, where it is very hard to come up with interesting content ideas. Then, even if you manage to create insightful content, it may get drowned into the Ocean of Content that flows throughout the Internet every day.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that over 2 million blog posts are created each day. If that is true, it means that you may need to compete with thousands of industry related articles each day. So how do you make your content stand out?

1. Begin by segmenting your audience. It is very difficult to address all the problems in your industry, even though, I’ll admit it, it is very tempting to do so. You are trying to get as many clients as possible, after all! But the reality is that by segmenting your audience, you are narrowing down your content, focusing on the actual problems that your potential customers have.

segmenting your industry

Find out the perfect industry segment, and then learn everything there is to know about their problems, their pain points, their desires, the things that appeal to them, and keep them awake at night. Then, start writing outstanding content, or hire somebody to do it for you.

2. Having great content is only the first step. What should you do next? Try to beautify your content, presenting it in a delightful, easy to understand, attractive way. This means formatting it properly and adding lots of attractive visuals to it. Insert an image every few text paragraphs. But don’t just put an image for the sake of it! That image should have a purpose, and provide useful information.


Often times, you can create great looking graphs using Excel. They are quick to create, and there are also several online services that will help you build them within minutes. And to top it all, most of these services are 100% free!

3. Create high-quality infographics every now and then. People love infographics, so they will gladly spend time staring at your infographic, rather than reading those long, boring blocks of text.

4. Yes, you will have to create some videos as well. Website visitors are seven times more likely to spend time on your website if they can find a video on a page. I know, it’s a worrying statistic, but these are the kind of people that we will have to deal with from now on. People have much shorter attention spans these days, so we have to offer them information in an attractive, entertaining format.

5. Sometimes you will suffer from blog writer’s block. If this happens, you can either avoid writing that day, or – my recommendation – curate some content from one of the top industry websites. Even websites like Reddit can serve as solid sources of information, offering you lots of unique content ideas.

6. If you are selling similar products or services, create comparison tables for them. You will help your potential customers learn more about your merchandise, and you will also add a valuable content piece to your arsenal. Here’s a good example from Data Alliance.


If you compare your product with one or more competitor products, always be fair and highlight both their cons and pros.

7. Okay, so now we have gotten some high-quality content in our hands. The next step is to promote it everywhere it is possible. Slideshare is often times an overlooked resource, and pretty much any piece of content can be repurposed into a presentation, which can then be uploaded to this powerful website.

8. Then, share the content using your social media channels. Contact the industry influencers and ask them to share your content with their followers. If it’s got great quality, some of them will do it. Talk about free exposure!

9. Convert your content to audio, and then create a podcast out of it. This way, people will be able to download your content and listen to it while they’re driving, for example. To make your audio content attractive, run your own show, but be sure to interview customers and industry experts every now and then.

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